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EUROGEO Workshop 2023

Bolzano/Bozen 2. - 4. October 2023

Towards an integrated and convergent EuroGEO


EuroGEO: linking national, European, and global perspectives

EuroGEO brings together and coordinates activities in Europe that contribute to the initiatives of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). GEO is at a crossroad with defining its post-25 strategy (currently under public consultation) which is planned to be adopted in November 2023 at the GEO ministerial summit in Cape Town (ZA). The new strategy moves from “Earth observation” to “Earth Intelligence” and shifts the focus from services to equity to bridge the global information gaps.
This year’s EuroGEO workshop provides the opportunity to position European activities in the light of the new GEO strategy and supports the coordination and interlinking of actions at national and European level and across sectors and domains to create relevant and impactful contributions to GEO.

Bolzano/Bozen - Italy
Monday 2, Thusday 3, Wednesday 4 October 2023
Location: Eurac Research

EuroGEO 2023 is co-organized jointly with the Open-Earth-Monitor (OEMC) Global Workshop 2023 running from Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th October at the same venue. Register for both workshops and combine your stay into 5 days (Monday to Friday) of science and technology for policy making, workshops, hackathons, discussion forums and social events!

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Position EuroGEO with view to the new GEO strategy.

Identify and exploit synergies across national and EU projects and initiatives.

Support a nexus approach to address the triple pollution-climate-biodiversity crises.

Create a dialogue among scientists, policy makers and end-users to support the co-design of EO based tools, knowledge, and policies.


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